Book Swapping

Intercambio de libros

Our little free library has been opened. You have probably heard of them. Wooden boxes on poles are sprouting up everywhere, full of books, with a sign indicating that people should take or leave a book. The British are recycling their iconic red phone boxes into 24-hour libraries. Berlin created a book forest, cutting shelves into the trunks of fallen trees. The trees are grouped on a city street and passers-by can take or leave a book any time. These never-closed book-swapping spots spread the love of books and encourage the discovery of new authors. Let’s take yours and swap them!!

Bring that book you’ve read a
hundred times and exchange
it for another one you like. For
each book you bring, you can
take away one book of your

Trae un libro que teñas lido
mil veces e cámbiao por outro
que che guste. Por cada libro
que traias, podes levar outro
que ti elixas.

Apporte un livre que tu as lu
mille fois et change-le pour
un autre que tu aimes. Pour
chaque livre que tu aportes,
tu peux pendre un autre que
tu choisis.