English Maths Jokes Exhibition

Is Maths fun? Maybe, maybe not. But maths jokes are definitely funny.

Humour might help with maths skills, as  laughter has been proved to help us learn new things better, by reducing anxiety and boosting motivation, participation, perception, memory, and attention. The success of funny math puns depends on students understanding the math concept behind the punchlines. Jokes are clever ways to check they’re learning from their math teachers, whether it is geometry, calculus, algebra, or prime numbers. 

Combining English and Maths for the exhibition is a good example of how intercurricular projects can give our students the right perception of learning as a complex experience in which all our abilities are at stake.

Let’s enjoy it!

Olga Torres Cancela

Rosa María Villar Villamil

1º ESO Students visiting the exhibition.
QR, quick response, codes have been used to enrich the exhibition with written explanations and the pronunciation of each joke.